The Omnium: Racers completing the Super D, Short Track and Cross-Country will be scored and awarded for results in an Omnium category, recognizing the best all-around racers of the weekend in each category. Racers are not required to complete the Super D to be scored in the Omnium, but points will count towards the Omnium results.

Saturday Morning – Enduro/Downhill Events

8:00-10:00 Super D: An enduro-length timed downhill run, top to bottom, through Blood Rock.

See Super D Event Details

12:00-2:00 Air D: A shuttled and timed downhill run on our signature Flow-DH trail, Lightning.

Saturday Afternoon – Little Hammies and Short Track XC Races

2:30-3:00 Kids Races: The Hammies will be hosting kid-specific races at the South Trailhead so your whole family can enjoy the fun!

3:15-6:30 Short Track XC: 25 minutes of full-throttle short-track racing on a high-speed spectator-friendly course close to the Race Central. The course is all new for 2022.

Race on the new course before everyone else at our BNG28 Short Track Preview Race May 26th

Sunday Morning – Cross Country Races

Cross Country: Epic climbs, big descents, hand-cut single-track, a pristine new section of trail, and longer, faster, bigger descent off the top of the mountain.

New XC Course for Cat 1 & 2 – 21 miles, and features the new Slingshot trail, bypasses Garret’s Gulch and removes Rattlesnake.

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Cat 3 XC Course – 9 miles

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